Weak Performance on Domain

Heya. My name is Von. I run Cloudflare services on a domain with over 23,000+ users. It’s an educational LMS system, so the traffic is high.

I’ve tried multiple times on applying cloudflare service on my domain. On the first try, the domain was able to load my sites faster, until we receive some sort of SSL error.

Upon re-installing Cloudflare, the site is becoming even slower than usual.
Is there perhaps anyway on how we can improve on this?

These issues are typically server related and you need to fix this there.

How did you fix the SSL issue?

There was some conflict between the SSL on the SSL the webhost provided. We had to remove Cloudflare service first and then the SSL on the webhost’s end as well. We then, placed back Cloudflare services after that.

So you currently have no certificate on your server? That is an insecure setup and you should get the certificate back ASAP.

Right now, we are currently using Cloudflare’s Origin Certificate for SSL. Unless that alone is not enough to cover it, maybe?

You said you removed the certificate. So, you do have an Origin certificate configured on your server?

Ah. Yes. Sorry for the miscommunication. Yes. we do have an Origin certificate set-up.

In that case - and assuming your encryption mode is “Full strict” - you should have a secure setup then.

Anyhow, as for your issue, is that currently reproducible?

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