We will not be removing restrictions against this domain

my site f-iraq
I have this problem

This web property cannot be added to Cloudflare at this time. If you are an Enterprise customer, please contact your Customer Success Manager. Otherwise, please email [email protected] with the name of the web property and a detailed explanation of your association with this web property.

I emailed [email protected] and asked them
to explane the reason and what is the solution …

This was the response

Ron (Cloudflare)

We will not be removing restrictions against this domain.

Cloudflare Trust & Safety

I emailed again
And I asked them again to explain the reasons for the ban
I haven’t been answered

Why this deal …
I don’t even know why my site was blocked

Note: My site is a legal copy of the xenForo forums and does not contain any violation of publication

So what is the next step now…

I am afraid the team you talked to makes that decision and if they told you they are not going to reinstate the domain, there is nothing Cloudflare support or the community can do. You can try another domain.

Or another service provider.

Is it logical to block websites without explaining the reason?
I don’t understand why this behavior…

I don’t have another domain…:pensive:

Nobody here can tell you why Cloudflare suspended that. As mentioned you need to clarify this with that team and they should have told you why it got suspended.

My dear …
Can you tell me
What is the competitor or good service provider site can speed-up and protect my site from ddos ​​attacks like Cloudflare :pensive:

ddos-guard.net provides similar services but a search engine will certainly have more on that.

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