"We were unable to test for X." Error. ( Status Code : 403 )


I can’t speed test my site.

  • I created a rule that allows all known bots but the retest tool didn’t work.
  • I can test my other site on the same server, so there is no problem with the server.
    • Since there is no problem with other sites on the same server, I did not need to do other operations. ( like add to CF ip’s whitelist)

Edit: Bot fighting mode is on on my site.

Normal Bot Fight Mode (free plan) cannot be skipped or bypassed by any rules. Super Bot Fight (Pro Plan or higher) mode can only be skipped by IP Allow Rules.

It’s been reported before that BFM/SFBM does block the new speed test. It runs in a slightly different way than other Cloudflare utilities, and I believe they’re still working on getting it to be a recognized bot.

If you’re using BFM, your only option is to disable it, at least temporarily

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