We want to change Protecting farm to another location

Dear Cloudflare,

We are very happy to use your service, and thank you so much about block DDOS and attacks.

Here we have question about protecting farm.

Actually we have plan to move our server to Korea, and there only can access from Korea IP.

So current we have 3~4 domain, can not use CF because, it’s farm is located in US.
( Yes I heard that from hosting company. )

Is there anyway move the protecting farm to Korea, Seoul or whatever Korean area?

Then we can use your CF with our server very safetly :slight_smile:

Please reply to us how change this.


I am not entirely sure about your question.

But if you are saying your webhost blocks IP addresses, then you won’t be able to use a standard Cloudflare setup, as you’d need to make sure all addresses from IP Ranges have full access to your server.

One alternative, you could employ, would be Tunnel → Cloudflare Tunnel · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

In that way you would not need to unblock addresses, but your server would connect to Cloudflare. However that still requires outbound connections, as well as the installation of the daemon on your server.

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Thank you for reply.

What I saying is, currently our domain routing to Japan Tokyo area and arrive to our server.

So it recog this is came from abroad.

Can we change this route server to Korean area?

Heard from another guy that it could be from your setting via our request.

The datacenter is chosen via Anycast and by your ISP.

If your ISP does not route you to the closest datacenter, I am afraid you need to contact your ISP.

Also, make sure you are rewriting IP addresses → https://community.cloudflare.com/search

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