We switched and propagation taking really long

we switched over to Cloudflare and our clients still cannot connect. it is over 12 hours. how long does the propagation take?

also, the proxy status says “proxied” so the ttl is auto. should that be changed???

and the DNS is forced to “auto”. we need this to move faster… ideas?


brightarrow com

plus many other server sites like: https:// target1100.brightarrow ‘dot’ com/TargetLogin21.aspx

Well, your www record resolves fine → DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

You do not have a record for your naked domain however.

i am sorry. i do not know what that means

Your site doesn’t work because your www record redirects to the naked domain. You will need a record for @ pointing to your server.

i added the @

our tech in upstate New York cannot get in, but i can (in Florida)

You need to wait for propagation.

yes, very impatient i am. our clients still cannot see target “dot” brightarrow “dot” com

but i can

There’s no target hostname configured.

i have this:

That should be “target”.

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i apologize for my ignorance. what do you mean? an entry that is ONLY ‘target’ not target"dot"brightarrow"dot"com?


Something seems to be up with WHOIS:

Name Server changes can take up to 48 hours to complete.

i have one of those, it is an MX record

Do you want to receive email under @target.brightarrow.com?

That’s not a current whois entry. The domain is properly configured.

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