We send an ticket for abuse ( emergency ) but has no reply!

Another website under Cloudflare hosting using our name to scam customer by taking their infomaion through a fake form. They took our customer’s personal info then commit crime and scam for money! Not only make a critical bad reputation in our name but also a big lost for thounsand of our customer! And the worse situation that we did a report but there’s no action from Cloudflare support team! The question is how and who I can contact to resolve our problem in urgent since the crual site still active and scam every minutes!

This is the proof:
The scam website: aaaahttps://m789b.mobi/
Our real website ( which hosted with Cloudflare too ): aaaahttps://www.7897890.vip/

We can do anything to prove our statement!

Thank you.

Afraid that is something only the responsible team can handle and you won’t get and update or feedback here on the forum.

They typically forward this to the host in question who then needs to take the necessary steps. If you need an update, you best follow up to the ticket you received, but - again - the community cannot help you here I am afraid.

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Many thanks, I’m just wanna find the way. Keeping reply their ticket email is like the only solution but also a dead end for me :frowning:

I understand but I am afraid the community can’t and won’t help here, this is solely up to that team.

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