We seem to have a duplicate cloudflare account

When we log into our dashboard there are two duplicate (same username/email address) accounts. The two buttons both say the same thing “[my usename]'s Account”. Clicking one of the buttons, takes me to a “Home” page with our domains, while clicking the other button takes me to a “Home” page with no domains.
Can anyone advise on this?

This is an expected consequence of your account being upgraded to an Enterprise organisation. The account that existed originally was upgraded to an organisation and then a new “personal” account was created for your user as all users must “own” an individual account which the org does not count for.

This is nothing to worry about and the recommendation I would make is to rename the organisation account to the name of the organisation to reduce confusion, then you can ignore the “personal” account or use it for tests.

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OK, thanks for the explanation.

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