We see a slow response across our websites

Hi guys our websites, that are on CloudFlare, have seen a slow response time. It all started this morning. Do you have any ideas what could have happened?

Do you have any problems regarding this?

May I ask what steps have you tried to troubleshoot your issue?

Are all the Websites/domains at the same Cloudflare account and have the same CF nameservers?

Moreover, are all Websites at the same host/origin server?

Have you tried contacting your hosting provider?

Are your DNS record proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: clouds)?

Have you got performance options enabled? Like Minify, Rocket Loader, etc. at Cloudflare dashboard?

What about SSL options? Which one have you got selected?

Have you tried accessing your Website from different Web browser and/or device, or even via other network or a VPN?

Are those “slow response time” regarding the page loading speed or some other issue like you have some errors like 522 or 520 timeout?

Have you checked for a recent incidents, if so, at Cloudflare Status page?:

I did not have had any today.

Hello, if you are hosted in OVH it is most likely related with


We are waiting for information about this issue too.

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