We’re having trouble finding that site


I can not access my website with my home internet connection. Website is https://www.spappmonitoring.com/ [Spapp Monitoring](https://www.spappmonitoring.com/)

I use Argo.

This is the first time that I get this error. The server is working. I live in Cyprus. I can access the website with my mobile internet connection.

I uploaded a print screen -

Is this because of my Internet provider? Or it could be related to Cloudflare?


Try running a Traceroute:

tracert says

Unable to resolve target system name www.spappmonitoring.com.

I tried it also with -6

Change your local DNS to use something like

Ok, thanks.

But what if other people have the same problem?

Today for example the website was loading for about 12 hours out of 24

This website uses Argo. ssl certificate and a pro plan. I have some websites on Cloudflare that do not use anything but I never had a problem with those.