We love contributors!

We have already seen a ton of people answering and debating topics that come up. I think we might as well do the first (of way too many) rewards “contests” for those who are most helpful.

The members with the most “accepted answers” (excluding Cloudflare employees) will get a Cloudflare SWAG pack. This will run until the end of the month. So you still have time to answer questions you haven’t (yet).

Thanks to everyone who is contributing their feedback. And to those who ask questions…please make sure you click the box to confirm responses that answer your question.


As always it’s my pleasure to be in touch with this community. Thanks a lot for creating this forum. I was waiting for this kind of place, where we can discuss a broad array of topics and learn more about Cloudflare.


I’m really enjoying the Cloudflare Community. I hope I can get a SWAG pack.


How on earth does one get to be able to post new topics to this site? I’m having to post in this completely off-topic post just to get the question out there. Odd.

New users start at the lowest trust level. Read more here:

What a strange policy. Not really conducive to fostering a community. Especially seeing as time spent on site or number of threads read seemingly isn’t taken into account.

Means that the existence of this resource isn’t really even going to take much slack off the support team either as questions are more easily issued via that channel which has no such restriction in place.

Understand your frustration. We are still playing with the settings to see how our community may differ from what Discourse has found to be most effective in other communities.

I’m not frustrated, just think it very odd. Especially seeing as the policy hasn’t really stopped a lot of the posts on here being from people asking fairly rudimentary questions and so the right to post clearly isn’t earned by giving feedback in other topics. It’s more just handed out when someone asks something like I just did, which barely makes it worthwhile.

Looks like your trust bumped up a level. You should be able to post a new thread now if you wish.



I am back after a short break. Happy to see that I got the member badge. :slight_smile:

Thank you all for kind support & love