We keep getting Firewall error messages

We moved our website from WordPress to Kajabi as it wasn’t necessary to have both. We followed the instructions and got our site all set up but certain pages on the site are giving us an error about the Firewall. Any idea on what I need to do?


May I ask what is the number of that particular error code? :thinking:
Can you share a screenshot of this error?

The error code is 1020

Here is a screenshot:

If you are the site owner have you followed the instructions in the lower right hand corner? What do the firewall entries say? What rule is blocking the request?

Since that domain looks to be using Kajabi’s Cloudflare name servers, I doubt you’re going to see anything in your account for a Kajabi site. You’ll have to ask Kajabi.


On my Cloudflare there is nothing and I can’t seem to figure out how to solve it on my own.

Is there anything I can do on my Cloudflare to avoid getting these issues all the time?

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