We have upgrade to pro plan and its pain but still show as free plan after a week!

We have upgrade to pro plan and its been charged our bank but still show as free plan and we can not use any pro features. after a week still it shows free plan and in upgrade section it shows pro plan!
I did check all steps below:
Log in to the Cloudflare dashboard.
Click the appropriate Cloudflare account.
In the top-right corner, select Billing from your account profile.
In the left-hand sidebar, click Subscriptions.
In the Subscriptions table, click Edit on the subscription requiring upgrade.
Choose your new plan type and follow the given instructions.

and the card payment details is already there,
Payments showes as Paid!
current plan shows as Pro,
but still in main page shows free plan and we can not use any of pro features.

Useless support !!!
We have 2 open tickets from week ago and they have not replied once!
Ticket number : #3297115
Ticket number 2 : #3293072

Any idea how we can sort this problem ?

Hi there, our most sincere apologies for the delay in our response, our team is currently experiencing higher than normal demand for support services which is causing delayed response to our customers.

Our Billing team is now tracking your issue in the ticket 3297115. This will need to be escalated with our Billing Engineers so please expect an update soon in the ticket.

We truly appreciate your patience. Thanks!


It’s been more than 15 days since our case was opened, and the issue has not been resolved yet. Unfortunately, Cloudflare’s support is very weak, and they address problems with significant delays.

We have a simple request: to upgrade our plan from Free to Pro.

For those looking to upgrade their plan on Cloudflare, please note that after making the payment, the upgrade won’t be processed immediately, and you might have to wait for weeks.

What a useless support by Cloudflare team! After 1 month they could not solved the problem and simple account type change from free to pro should be such a disaster for this company! They had to refund and after 30 days still can’t solve the issue! Imagine how much money they are loosing as they support team cant handle the problem for subscriptions!