We have to temporarily remove whois privacy protection

Third party companies need to confirm the domain name belongs to our organization and they would like to directly see the information of our organization in WHOIS, which is impossible because of privacy protection.

Can we temporarily disable privacy protection and turn it back on after they confirm?

Thanks in advance

Hello there,

Assuming you are using Cloudflare, you can pause Cloudflare and see the difference. This will send traffic directly to your origin web server instead of Cloudflare’s reverse proxy.

I am afraid not.

Hm, a bit strange request from a 3rd-party service/company :thinking:

May I ask why so?

You could send them a full screenshot once you’ve navigated to the domain at Cloudflare where the owner/billing/technical information can be seen.

However, I’d not even suggest you doing it before being sure what for do they need it and why!?

Because they might want to take over a control of your domain, to add them as a member under your CF account, maybe there is some court case ongoing or what else could go wrong if you do it?

With whom would they share this?

I have to as it’s a not trusted 3rd-party company/service for me and I wouldn’t use their services at all cost.


Data Redaction can be disabled for the domain on Cloudflare Registrar, we just need a ticket submitted from the Super Admin so we can escalate to our Registrar team.

Once this is no longer needed if the ticket is still open just reply so we can enable it again, if the ticket is closed just create a new ticket.

Hola Salvador,
Where can I open a ticket?


Please follow this guidance to open a ticket and share the number here.

You might get an auto reply but we can take a look.

Hi Salvador,

Here is the ticket number: 2556528

Thank you for your help,

Thank you,

I replied but we can do this only for domains in Cloudflare Registrar and the domain associated to the ticket is not in our Registrar.

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Hello Salvador,
Thank you for your help. We are using dnsimple. I contacted with them too. They said:

We aren’t able to show the name of your organization, or any other WhoIs details. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.

Do you know how many days does it take to move domain from dnsimple to Cloudflare?


The Registrar as replied in the ticket is:

Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.enom.com
Registrar URL: whois.enom.com

This TLD (,co) is not currently listed as supported on Cloudflare Registrar.

Please check that list to find out when it is supported.

Hi Salvador,

Sorry to hear that. Thank you very much for your help.


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