We have problem with loading our main mother.life page

We have problem with loading our main mother.life page. I think this problem can coming from gcp, but i want to ask you about some infromation maybe. Other pages on website are working well. But on the meain page we can’t get any html response. We see only white blank page. It’s very strange. Because from localhost its working well. Can you help us?

Hi @valery,

I’m not seeing any issue with that page, you can try pausing Cloudflare and making sure it all works with HTTPS before re-enabling it again to check that is is a server issue.

Hello. We losed our users and we have made a temporary solution for now, until we can find a real reason. It’s a cloudflare redirect rule from www.mother.life to www.mother.life/en/home. But there wasn’t any errors in browser console. We’ve have tested it with Postman, and the response was empty, without any html, it was very strange. How can we test it with you? We don’t want to wait your answer and lose users during this time.

Are you able to either test using curl or add your server IP to your hosts file so you can bypass Cloudflare and test this directly on your server?

I don’t think it will be related to Cloudflare, but you can check with that.

Yes, we’ve tested it and the problem stayed the same, so i can make a conclusion that problem is coming from gcp.


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