We have issue with connection from Russia


The IP-addresses, in which Our domain name is allowed, are in the black lists of Roskomnadzor (Cloudflare’s ip addresses), there may be restrictions on the part of channel Internet providers to access these addresses in different ways (one way or another is determined based on the request itself). Alas, to guarantee a successful connection with such IP-addresses is impossible from the territory of Russia in principle.

We got answer from Cloudflare support:

At the present time, the only way to obtain new IP addresses for a domain using Cloudflare is to remove the domain from its current Cloudflare account and add it to another. There is no guarantee that this will assign different IPs or IPs that aren’t already blocked. However, as Cloudflare’s IP space has more than a million available IPs and the number of known blocked IPs is quite small, the odds of having the new IPs being the same or already blocked is unlikely.
If you wish to avoid deleting and re-adding the domain to Cloudflare, another option would be to change your site’s plan level.

We are ready to go on a paid plan.

  1. After that, how to change the external IP in Cloudflare UI?
  2. And if the new address is in the blocking range, how many times we can be change external IP (process of changing external addresses)?


Good questions, but I’d really rather clarify them with support in the first place.


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