We have already purchased Advance Certificate Manager but it's not showing

We have already purchased the Advance Certificate Manager, but when we have checked under SSL/TLS > Edge certificate it is not showing any advance certificate there. It’s only showing Universal certificate. And it’s showing text in bottom “Advance certificate is now part of your plan”. Also, when we have login with our different admin account to the same domain there no information showing like this text “Advance certificate is now part of your plan” is not showing also no advance certificate showing.

Advanced Certificate Manager should not immediately give you another certificate, but access to the interface to get custom certificates.

If you still need more help please post a screenshot.

Have you ordered the certificate? It should be pretty quick.
If you haven’t ordered yet, then click the Order Advanced Certificate button in your screenshot to get started.

Yes, we have already ordered the certificate. It’s just showing text at the bottom “Advance certificate manager is part of your plan.” when we logged in with the account that we used to ordered Advanced Certificate manager but no Advance certificate showing under SSL/TLS > Edge certificate. Also, when we logged in with different account (basically both account has Administrator role to this domain) no such text showing also no Advance certificate showing under SSL/TLS > Edge certificate.



Is anyone found the solution we are still not seeing the advance certificate?

Now you have purchased it, you need to click the blue ‘Order Advanced Certificate’ button and follow the prompts to configure the cert you want. Can you try that again and post a screenshot of what you have done? The cert should them briefly show as pending in the list before switching to active.

When we are clicking on ‘Order Advance Certificate’ it’s redirecting us to purchase advance certificate and payment that we have already did. Also, there is no status showing for Advance certificate like Pending or Failed.

Did the payment go through and does ACM show on the Subscriptions page like this?


No, It’s just showing current plan as Universal SSL. See the attached screenshot.

Do you get any kind of error or indication of why the payment isn’t working when you place that order?

No, we are not getting any error also we had paid $10 for advance certificate.

If the payment has gone through but you don’t have access then you will need to contact support.

To contact the billing team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and choose Billing. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

We did contact the support team and here is their response:
“It looks like you are experiencing an issue with SSL/TLS. **Our Support team is only available to provide assistance on billing, account, and registrar related issues. If you believe your issue falls into one of these categories, please reply here. Otherwise, see the resources below.”

Reply back to that, let them know that it’s a billing issue and send them a link to this thread. Also please let us know the ticket number.

Okay we will contact the support team and update you

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