We have a business plan but can not contact support

Hi is CF support on this forum - we have a paid business subscription but as I had to remove the domain I can not raise a ticket which for some reason neither sales nor the customer success team seem to be able to do either thanks? John.

This appears to be the same topic as in your other recent posts, including one that appears to have been resolved. Subscriptions are tied to domains, so if you remove a domain from your account, it removes the subscription and any entitlements associated with it.

The Community is unable to assist with account or billing matters, but anyone can open a support request for those issues. You can open a ticket from your Cloudflare account dashboard.


You can share the ticket number here so it can be tracked.

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Thanks epic.network but I was hoping there was at least on CF support employee on this forum I feel like I’ve exhausted all avenues other than causing a ruckus on social media on what a complete disaster CF is to get attention or just do a CC chargeback against them but I am reluctant to go down that routes as you can imagine - I just want the support which should be provided in my agreement.

As I said I can’t open a ticket on the dashboard as it gives me the following message
Live chat Online

“To activate chat support and speak with a customer support agent immediately, please upgrade to a Biz plan.”

I also can’t add the domain back in as I fear it will take down our website again due to the conflict between WPEngine and Cloudflare.

I would really appreciate if you/anyone had any insight into how to contact CF, as I said I tried talking to Sales, I even had two Business Development people reach out after I subscribed and asked them to please get support to reach out or open a ticket on my behalf but they all seem completely powerless/unwilling to do this - the culture in CF must be horrendous. Thanks again.

I’m not sure what your desired outcome is, since you don’t want to add your domain back into your Cloudflare account, but that is something you will need to discuss with support. The Community can’t make any changes to your account or billing.

There are Cloudflare staff in the forums, but without sharing your ticket number here, there is no way to escalate your request. I already shared the insight into contacting Cloudflare support. Simply submit a request in your dashboard and share the ticket number here, so escalation can be requested.


You are in contact on ticket 3032767 and the team can assist you on that ticket.

Thanks @cloonan I raised that ticket after this post but I had to raise it as “I’m having trouble raising a ticket” so not sure if I will get to talk to someone in the tech support team but fingers crossed. As you can see tickets, are you a Cloudflare employee, would it be possible get the ticket redirected to someone in the technical team?

Thanks @epic.network I had find a topic which would allowed be me to create the ticket as a non technical ticket - feels disingenuous but as cloonan said maybe I can find some assistance this way.

Sorry if my objective is not clear - I am looking for is one of two outcomes - either support to tell me that it is possible to have both a Cloudflare account and a WPEngine hosted website (and ideally what special CF configuration needs to happen to allow this) or to tell me no matter what I do it will never work (without an Enterprise plan and “orange to orange configuration”) and I can just look for an alternative to CF if there is one.

As far as I can tell WPEngine claims to have 10M+ hosted sites and Cloudflare 4M+ users and they are partners or at least WPEngine must be a significant CF customer - not sure why this wouldn’t be a supported configuration to use both together.


I see that one of my peers is actively working Ticket # 3032767 with a response from them Saturday. If you need any further assistance with any other related items. Please let us know via another community post. We appreciate your patience in this matter.

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