We don't want CloudFlare to become our DNS record keeper, is this possible?

We need a Cloudflare account to manage the CDN links from Shopify but we don’t want Cloudflare to take over our DNS records management. Is this possible?

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What do you mean by:

Shopify uses Cloudflare for SaaS which means their settings will take priority over any that you create. So even if you did attempt a partial setup using a Business or Enterprise subscription, t may not do what you want.

Sorry, I should have closed this issue, but I’m not sure how.

When we started with Shopify they used to produce links like cdn . our-domain . com and we used a third party CDN. Somewhere down the line, Shopify changed to our-domain . com/cdn/… and the third party CDN expired. Unfortunately, even now, this has not fully percolated down, so the cdn . our-domain . com URLs are still in the wild. After going 'round in circles for a while I learned that Cloudflare handles Shopify’s CDN and, I have also learned that there appears nothing more we need do. So we no longer require a Cloudflare account and I set up a DNS redirect for the dns. domain, and those URLs work as they should.

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