We could not verify your TXT record / DNS setup


I am hosted at siteground which is a cloudflare partner. I change the nameserver at my registrar in order to integrate ezoic on my website (I use the ezoic DNS instead). Since then, I have an error message on cloudflare saying “We could not verify your TXT record”:
And the record seems to be implemented correctly on the ezoic side (I cannot add more image sorry).

I don’t understand why it is not working?

Also, when I want to see the DNS configuration on Cloudflare I have this message:
" Partner hosted zone: Your DNS zone file is hosted by SiteGround.com , a Cloudflare partner. Manage your DNS records at their website."

I don’t understand why there is still this message since I am not using the Siteground DNS anymore.

I changed the name servers 7 days ago.


Also I already created a ticket for that (ticket 2179418). But they told me to post my issue in the community first.


If you dont use Cloudflare anymore you actually could ignore this message.
But to solve it you must create a TXT Entry on you current DNS provider as stated by Cloudflare.

I did some checks: #TXT/wildbunnysland.com and did not found the required TXT entry.

But if you dont like to use Cloudflare anymore you can simply delete that ZONE from Cloudflare, you anyway already moved to another DNS provider.

Thank you for your answer.

And what should I enter in the content field of the record? Because cloudlfare does not provide anything.

The only time(s) I’ve seen this is when the same Domain has been added to Cloudflare more than once. Either through a hosting partner, or the Cloudflare user has two different accounts here.

Considering that you already added the domain through Siteground, then again here, that’s probably the problem. Did you disable the Cloudflare integration at Siteground before you changed name servers?


Thank you for your answer. No I didn’t disable cloudfare integration at Siteground before to change the name servers. If this is the issue, what can I do now?

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