We cannot access to the new invoices

Please we need to access the invoices for the payments made for Cloudflare services.
In the page billing provided we can see only invoices up to october 2021

Questions about billing will need to be resolved by the Customer Support team and cannot be resolved on the Community.

To contact the billing team, please submit a new support request from your Cloudflare account directly through the Cloudflare dashboard. Visit https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support and choose Billing. Please share your ticket number here so that we can track it.

If you aren’t seeing recent invoices at all, I would also double check you are logged into the Cloudflare Account. Under Subscriptions, you should be able to see the services that are billing you, if you are.

Hi @dtantalean can you check your payment information? I show the form of payment as expired and no billable activity (plan or usage) since the Oct time you indicated.

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Dear Chaika, thanks for your answer, I have already generated 2 tickets for this issue, but I have not received any answer yet.

The ticket numbers are:



I don´t know what else can I do



Both of those were auto closed. I will flag your post for the attention of my colleagues.

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