We automatically detected 0 DNS records on your site that match common hostnames and record types

When i add my website to Cloudflare it not automatically detect any DNS record so what i do or How i manually add DNS record on Cloudflare amd which one

“We automatically detected 0 DNS records on your site that match common hostnames and record types.”

You can either add them manually or import a BIND file:



Can you please help us understand why this happens and how to avoid it?

It’s obviously much more convenient to have have DNS records populated automatically - this used to always work, but today I got the same “0 records message”.

Can’t get a BIND file out of cPanel…

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I don’t work for Cloudflare, so I have no insight into what may have gone wrong. You would have to open a ticket for assistance with this.
Login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support by clicking on the Get More Help button.

I am having the same problem.

I also want to know why this happening and how to correct it.

Hi @advckr.web,

The same applies;

We automatically detected 0 DNS records on your site that match common hostnames and record types

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I am having the same issue, even with different DNS providers. I contacted Cloudflare tech support and I think a bot answered my query (it was not helpful). Does anyone have any ideas…?

UPDATE Here’s a weird thing: after not finding any DNS records on two of my domains, I “confirmed” moving forward when the warning appeared about needing to enter records for Cloudflare to work, then hit the back arrow on my browser. And guess what? All of the DNS records suddenly appeared. I have no idea why this happened, but I was able to duplicate the fix for the second Domain.

In other words, I moved forward as if I was going to enter the records manually, then went back to the autodiscovery screen…and all the records were there where “0 DNS records” had been found before.

Hope this helps…


Thanks, but you are not answering the question. You are pointing to how to import the DNS records manually. What we’re asking is why the DNS records usually populate automatically, but now they are not.

As @sdayman above stated, none of the people who replied here have any affiliation with Cloudflare and can’t check for possible internal errors. If you really want an answer contact support. They can try and check. It may have simply been an error of the specific request to list them for some reason.


THANK YOU! This works!


The exact same thing happened to me!

thanks bro it will work.

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This just happened to me when I added a new domain. Nothing showed up, so I added an “A” record with an IP address. Tried a www record, but it said I already had a CNAME for that.

I ignored that message and just moved on with the process (not back). Yes, all the old DNS records had been imported when I checked the DNS tab.


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