We aren't receiving any emails

We have been informed by GoDaddy that Cloudflare hosts on site and that we need the DNS information to be updated by your company. How can we reach someone live? This has been going on for several days.

Hosts what? Email? Cloudflare doesn’t host any email. Do you mean it’s running your DNS?

Assuming you are using Cloudflare, you update your Cloudflare DNS records here…

If you give the domain name, things might be easier to work out.

Thanks! I will try the link. We were told by GoDaddy that the reason our team emails aren’t coming through is because Cloudflare hosts our domain and the DNS info isn’t updated. I am not a technical person by any means, just a frustrated person trying to get to the bottom of who at Cloudflare can help.

You’ll need to set up the records yourself, cloudflare cannot make changes to your dashboard settings and does not know the value of the records you need to add. But, your email provider will know those details and can tell you.

If you go to the link @sjr shared, reference this document as you begin to set up the DNS records,

Thank you, powering through the link info right now! We frankly never heard of Cloudflare and have no clue how they are involved!

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We’re here to help along the way.

The following tutorial is a bit out of date, but it may provide a good complement to the official doc linked above,

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