We are using CDN service in cloudflare for floored domain, Unfortunately we don't have any login details

We are using CDN service in cloudflare for floored domain, Unfortunately we don’t have any login details.
Domain owner id: {redacted}, please provide domain login details. let me know in case of any additional details required.

You posted an email address. Have you tried the Forgot Your Password option?

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Hai Sdayam,

I don’t have login details itself to try forgot password.

Then what’s the email address you just posted? That sure looks like a login username to me.

I don’t have access to that mail id, The person who configured that left the organization

You’re in a bad spot, then. If you’re paying for services on that account, you can try opening a ticket and providing that evidence. Otherwise, you’d probably be better off setting up a new account and moving the domain to that one.

how we can move domain to another account?

You’d be starting from scratch on a new account:

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You need to be in control of the domain. Just done this with a domain I split out from the company account.

When adding a zone to an account (your new one), it will give you two new DNS servers to configure as nameserver at your registrar (different than what the old account currently advise), e.g. pink.ns.cloudflare.com and blue.ns.cloudflare.com (where currently it might be configured as green.ns and orange.ns) once you update the name servers on that domain (at your registrar like godaddy), and propagation occurs (allow up to 24hrs but usually much quicker), then at that point you’re in full control of the domain with CF, no need to worry about the old account.

If your domain registrar is also Cloudflare then you’ve got a problem. Ask your organization administrator to grant you access to said peron’s email or for them to setup a forwarder to you.

Cloudflare can’t/won’t (thankfully) just grant you access because you claim ‘he/she left’ that would be very dangerous…

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