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My Wordpress website has a few plugins installed like litcommerce and Woocommerce but now after configuration of cloudflare and it seems like "I use LitCommerce to run API to my WooCommerce and it’s blocking it.

So I’m creating page rules by following this article Solution: when your website's firewall blocks LitCommerce | LitCommerce Helpdesk but after putting the URL on URL required I didn’t find the setting option of Web application firewall to make it disable so the litecommerce on my website can work fine.

Now I want to know if the Web Application Firewall is replaced with some other name. Please help me to resolve my problem. Moreover, I have attached the screenshot of the given article which recommends picking the settings web application firewall and then turning it off.

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That’s a page rule, you can find it under Rules > Page Rules > Create page rule, but I would advise against creating a rule that disables WAF on a given path.

Instead, it will perhaps be better to create a specific WAF rule to disable certain WAF components.
You can add a WAF rule under Security > WAF > + Create rule

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Let me check if it works

@mcorreia i’m a newbie on making the rules and feels like a technical, is there any specific video to do it.

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Mate, if you keep adding tabs you’re going to need an ultra-wide monitor. :sweat_smile:

Damn… Leave some YouTube videos for the rest of us! :rofl:

On to your issue.

My 1st advice is that you create a filter like this:

We’re basically filtering any event that was blocked in a path containing wp-json.
This filter is done in your firewall events under Security > Events and adding: Path/Contains> wp-json and setting the time for the previous 30 minutes.

Now try to enable litcommerce and get back to the tab with the filter - refresh if needed as you don’t have live update in your zones - check if you have any block or challenge there.

If you do, scroll down to the event and see exactly what firewall component is blocking/challenging it.
Then you can create a WAF custom rule just to disable that specific component or signature.

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hahaha @mcorreia thanks buddy well I’m thinking of buying an ultra -wide monitor but Chrome isn’t allowing me to open more tabs :sweat_smile:

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