We are on opening international criminal case aganist Clouflare for unrightful acti

Without any notification or any information all my domains is lacked in cloudflare. we can’t access my domains. All our websites and brands are gone. And I saw that there is refunds made of this domains prices.

These domains are extremely crucial for me because they are all my business. And my websites are not reachable. And there is not even a notification given to me about what has happened. So I can’t buy also again in different registers, because they are locked in here. This is serious abuse to my rights domain. These domains are not about refunding $10. These are hundreds of thousand dollars, including my effort. and time investing in that. So I want you to release the domains.

Please immediately So at least I can transfer these domains to different registers. And I can live here. It is absolutely abuse. There is not even a notification It is horrible and horrible to see that. we are a LAW firm : euroanatolia.com,

You can check it out and. if this is not resolved in short time, we will be opening an international court case Soon, for the damages and abuse, the cloth flare inflicted upon us without any notification. We believe that any court and judicial system will agree with us about this abuse, and we will ask for damages.

Six tickets since yesterday simply slows down a reply to you & everyone else. I merged one ticket into 3285279, please keep the conversation there. The Community cannot assist you.

I see your request to escalate that open ticket to Trust & Safety. I will do so, additional tickets and posts are not necessary.

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My account is disabled without any notification, so I’m creating a campaign in all over the Internet. Every website I find, I live in bad review about how abusive cloth flares. I think it is worse than. North Korea.

Everybody must be know that with Cloudflare. You are not safe. Your daemon domains can be seized like. happens in the communist regimes. and you won’t have any opportunity to get even any answer. How can I get any answer? It being a lot of days already and there’s no ticket, there’s no answer. Tickets, sign. sign it as sold, but I don’t understand what’s happening. There’s no contact phone. Cloudflare is illegally seizing my assets.

I already send reviews to 5 websites including Reddit posts, and Trustppilot about Criminal acts and abuses of Trustpilot , I suggest you to stop this illegal act or face the consequences

Now I am on creating lot of Youtube videos on criminally of Clouflare and how they steal assets . I suggest you to not take part on this . Along with that soon we will open international crime report for Cloudflare . You don’t have any chance to continue this disgusting stealing act, give our assets and do that fast !

@nusretocakturk123 as previously mentioned here, this

The comment from my colleague on your ticket indicates Please note that your request with Technical Support has been closed as our Trust and Safety team will need to follow up directly.

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