We are not be able to access the XML file (Bing)

Why doesn’t webmaster bing have access to my site?
i can’t verify it
it show me “We are not be able to access the XML file”
is it related to Cloudflare?

nobody knows?
it’s my site = https://social-net.ir
what should I do?

Might be Bingbot is somehow challenged or blocked due to some security options or Firewall Rules, or some other security measurements you could possibly have enabled like Bot Fight Mode or similar? :thinking:

Kindly, inspect any challenged or blocked Firewall Events at Cloudflare dashboard → Security - >Overview.

Is the XML file a valid one? Have you checked it via some online tools?

i Connected to Cloudflare and they told me that there is no problem!

as far as i know this problem related to Cloudflare

Have you tried verifying it by some other verify method like TXT or CNAME record? :thinking:

yes i’v tried but bing can’t access to my site
My site was previously verified by bing but now it is not in bing results !!!

Can you try and add the AS8075 to the Cloudflare dashboard → WAF → Tools → IP Access Rules with the action “allow” for your website. Wait for few mins and see if anything changed.

Should like like below:

Can you share your domain name here with us so we could check for existing CNAME/TXT record using online tools? :thinking:

i already sent my site

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