We are not able to migrate from Legacy tunnel to named tunnel

Hi There,

We have our production web server with a Cloudflare tunned ans we have to migrate it from from Legacy tunnel to named tunnel.

We have followed the guide but whe we finish the process the website give us a 1003 Cloudflare Tunnel error.

Can someone help us?



Can you detail the steps taken so far and provide the Tunnel UUID that you created?


Hi nudo,

This are the steps that we are making following the Cloudflare guide:

1- There is a “AAAA” w2 to “ipv6” record in the Cloudflare DNS that we delete
This are the commands that we introduce in the CENTOS7 Server:
2- cloudflared update
3- cloudflared tunnel login
4- cloudflared tunnel create zlctunnel
5- cloudflared tunnel route dns zlctunnel zlc.edu.es

6- we edit the /etc/cloudflared/config.yml


  • hostname: w2.zlc.edu.es
    service: h t *ttps **localhost
  • service: h t *ttps **lstatus:404

7- cloudflared tunnel run w2
Seems to work OK but then the webpages goes down and appears the Error 1033: Cloudflare Tunnel error

Thanks for the reply.

It’s solved. It was a DNS problem.

Thanks for your help.

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