We are having issues loading our page builder, Divi, and they believe it may be an encoding issue

I’ve read some of the threads on the problems with Divi and CF. I went back and forth with Elegant Themes for weeks trying everything under the sun and they feel it’s an encoding issue, “content encoding=br”.

Our page builder either spins and never loads, or loads and only partially allows for any changes.

I’ve tried also to toggle rocket loader, which was already off, no change.
I’ve made a clone of our site and tried disabling all plugins, no change, so it’s clearly a Divi and CF conflict somewhere. This just started in mid May; before that I never had an issue with CF or Divi compatibility.

Any insight is appreciated, as we are dead in the water with not being able to update or site or add new pages of content (outside of blog posts) until this is resolved.

Thank you!

You can disable the Brotli compression from the Speed → Optimization settings page. Though I doubt that’s the problem.

Your browser’s Dev Tools (F12 in Chrome) should have some clues in the Network or Console tab.

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Thanks! I did try to disable that compression but that wasn’t the issue.
Elegant Themes support had me try changing the max execution time in cpanel, disable all plugins, and also they sent over this screen shot and the following. I did check with my host and they complied with the request, but that did not solve the issue.

It’s not able to POST that request with the admin-ajax.php file as the action seems considered a threat or malicious. Could you please have your hosting provider check this for you? Have them make sure that the admin-ajax.php file isn’t blocked and they can check the security logs to whitelist its actions.

At this point I’m out of ideas and the only option that would completely resolve would be to disable CF, which if I did that, we’d lose our custom domain through Kajabi, which is linked to CF. So I’m trying to avoid that at all costs.

503 is usually rate limiting. That’s in Firewall → Tools.

Thank you for tip. I checked there and it’s not currently enabled. I’m assuming that’s the way it should be. I did try to toggle it just for kicks to see if that might help, but to not avail.

Is there a way to change the "content encoding=br”. ? That’s what elegant themes thinks is the problem.

If anyone has additional suggestions, please feel free to share. @MoreHelp if you can assist in any way, please advise; particularly on the subject of “content encoding=br” change as a possible fix?

That was the Brotli setting I mentioned earlier.


Ah ok, thank you for the clarification.

Are there any thoughts of what could be causing the page builder to not load properly? Ive checked everything possible I can think of from a basic troubleshooting standpoint, what our host suggested, and what elegant themes suggested.

If anyone has any thoughts on what else we can check, or change, I’m open. The only other options are either to use a totally different builder and make a new website from the ground up…which I don’t want to do for obvious reasons. Or drop CF in which case we would lose our members domain name with Kajabi…so neither one is ideal.

Hi @user5904

I use DIVI as well (with Cloudflare). I have Brotli Compression enabled without any issue. I don’t recall specifically that 503 error.

However I’ve found DIVI loads better with higher or more generous PHP settings, here’s my DIVI Site Report in case you want to compare or spot something:

System Status

Writable wp-content Directory
  True - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of True.
PHP Version
  7.4 - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 7.2 or higher.
  512M - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 128M. 
  256M - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 64M. 
  600 - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 120. 
  64M - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 64M. 
  -1 - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 60. 
  2048 - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 1000.
  0 - Congratulations! This meets or exceeds our recommendation of 0.

Congratulations, all system checks have passed. 
Your hosting configuration is compatible with Divi.

I use Caching Level set as “Standard”. Also Browser Cache set as “Respect existing headers”. It would be nice to use more minification and caching but it doesn’t seem to like it, and you don’t want really want admin side cached for security.

I also created 2 Page Rules, the first for when the DIVI Front Builder is loading and the second for when inside the Admin Dashboard (and inside another admin forum I use hence I didn’t use wp-admin in the rule):-


both with the following settings to overide my Cloudflare defaults:

Always Online = Off
Cache Level = Bypass
Auto Minify = CSS only
Cache Deception Armour = On
Origin Cache Control = On
Security Level = Medium (was High)

I’m not suggesting these will fix the issue for you or that they are correct but I’ve had similar ‘endless loading spinners’ in the past or flakey behaviour which has been behaving itself for several months now.

BTW, I’ve found if you use one of the preset layout packs, it appears to hang or do nothing, but if you leave it long enough,the progress bar suddenly jumps to about 70% and then about 10 seconds later completes. Seems you have to be patient with it!

Hope this helps.


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I use Divi and it’s not Divi problem but a caching problem at least what happened to me.
So here what you do deactivate your caching plugin or you CF caching plugin put your CF into Development mode, purge cache and start working with Divi and when done, turn on everything you had. Hope that helps.

Thank you @novelltrade and @TheOldMan ! Your combined suggestions may have resolved the issue or at least created a work around. Checking my settings vs what you have, and going through the steps that @novelltrade suggested allowed me to launch the page builder and make changes successfully.

We don’t add new pages all that often, outside of blogs (which weren’t affected by this), so if I have to purge the CF cache and put into development mode first, it’s not the end of the world. Perhaps at some point it will work itself out so that step is no longer needed.

In the meantime, this is about as good as I can hope for. Thank you so much for the help!

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I am glad you solve the issue

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