We are Free Web Hosting provider and we active cloudflare but when user place order get cloudflare error

First time we setup Cloudflare on our hostpoco web hosting website. Website work very fast but when user try to place order via whmcs we getting error. So can you please help us to how to use this for whmcs also. Below is website like. Thanks.

What error do you get?

Error 521

like this. Currently we disable Cloudflare because we are losing our business. Customer not able to place orders. Can you please provide steps for setup for WHM and WHMCS links.

Have you read this tip on the error?

I am afraid I have no experience with that setup so will leave it for others to help further if you need it.

Yes, I read that type post and tried also but not work. You can check history in my account. What was the problem we face. If any one guide on whm or whmcs related issue that will help me. Thanks for very quick response.

We don’t work for Cloudflare, we are just other users that help out in our spare time. If you want to contact support, you should login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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