We are facing

We are facing serious website issues. We contact hosting provider Godaddy and they checked everything from their end. The DNS propagation is not taking place since last 72 hours

The DNS is managed by Cloudflare. Our hosting provider is GoDaddy. We called them three times. They told us that they checked everything from their end. They did what is possible. We are facing a DNS propagation issue for the last 72 hours. We checked the IP address, it is the same. Our traffic is down. Revenues getting down. The website address is www.engineershub.co.in.

Please help us!!!

I am afraid that message is straight from your server and needs to be fixed by your host.

Pause Cloudflare and clarify with your host if the IP addresses configured on Cloudflare are correct. If they are not, update them. If they are, your host needs to fix that and also make sure your site is properly configured for SSL.

Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare. Until then keep it paused.

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Running a nslookup, the nameservers set for the domain engineershub.co.in. are not Cloudflare’s nameservers

domaincontrol.com is from GoDaddy.

Checking a day late is maybe not providing the most accurate information :wink:

The nameservers were not the issue here, but the server configuration.

the problem was with SSL certificate as per GoDaddy. They told me to change the nameserver and did technical changes from their end. Now it working fine.

Pausing Cloudflare would likely have had the same effect.

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