We are experiencing persistent connection timeouts

We are experiencing persistent connection timeouts when accessing a private instance through Cloudflare WARP, despite a healthy tunnel and EC2 instance. Seeking insights or solutions from others who may have encountered this issue.

We utilize Cloudflare Zero Trust to connect to our private network on AWS Cloud. Our setup involves using the Cloudflare Tunnel and Connector installed on an Ubuntu 20.04 EC2 instance with a t2.micro configuration and a 30 GB EBS volume. The health status of the tunnel indicates it is healthy, and the EC2 instance’s health status appears to be satisfactory. However, when using WARP to access the private instance, we consistently encounter connection timeout errors. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue, or does anyone have a solution to share? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.

Are you still encountering this issue @surya3?

Last week, we encountered an issue, and although there haven’t been any problems since then, it’s crucial to ensure that we have a proactive approach to prevent such issues in the future. As we’re in the process of transitioning all our resources to a zero-trust model, it’s important to address potential challenges early. If we encounter the same error after completing the migration of all resources, it could pose a significant problem.

We predominantly operate in the AWS cloud environment, leveraging EC2 instances to establish tunnels. I kindly ask for recommendations on EC2 configurations, such as suitable instance types, storage options, and other adaptable settings, to minimize the likelihood of technical errors and configuration issues.