We are a partner. API key error

I am an old partner, but also a new partner. But today my old partner account could not log in, which was caused by the host API error. I submitted a request but got no response. Recently the business has been consolidated. We want cloudFlare to be the main business. Try adding CloudFlare Partner Network to the business portal. But the system identified as abuse and phishing sites. All domain names are locked together with my personal account and account. I submit the case. There was no reply.

We are partners in China. We promoted cloudflare in China and got good response. Create a management panel with legacy partners. It has received a good response in China. It is very smooth and very suitable for Chinese users. But after being disabled. My clients are complaining. Please be able to respond to my needs in a timely manner. Restore my account. thank you.


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This is a community forum. We do not have access to your account. Please open a Support Ticket. If you already did, then please post the Ticket #

To contact Cloudflare Customer Support, login & go to https://dash.cloudflare.com/?account=support and select get more help. If you receive an automatic response that does not help you, please reply and indicate you need more help.

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We are a partner of cloudflare in China. I connect all my domain names to cloudflare and put cloudflare partner network on the site. But it was recently judged to be phishing. The complaint has not been resolved. Cloudflare partner network is allowed in the partner background. I also checked with the partner manager. Now all my domain names display a warning of fraud when they are opened. What do I need to do? Customers left. This is a big loss. Is it so risky to be a partner?


The cloudflar partner network logo can be used in the new partner system. I download and apply this logo to the management background login page of my website. Because using a well-known management panel is depressing by default. Therefore, cloudflare partner network is the most popular one. To access cloudflare, we hope to pass the restrictions of WAF and page rules, and allow private use. Believe that no one will put their own website management background login to open for others to blast it. Because of my login, I was judged as fraud or fishing. So clarify that this is not a public portal. Is the website background management login portal. Because of the logo, because we are a partner in China, we are also deploying and integrating resources for cloudflare business. It also provides a customer-friendly and free domain name management panel for cloudflare in China. Access to the old partner system API of TONGDI. It’s blocked along with the API.

My support ticket never got a reply. The account has been locked. As a Cloudflare cooperative enterprise unit, there is no guarantee from Cloudflare. Cloudflare Partner Portal display allows you to hang CloudFalre Partner Network on our website. But it is now being tested for fraud and phishing. The appeal was not resolved with any reply. It’s a terrible partnership treaty.

Hi @chiholam96, the reply from Friday indicated the request has been moved to the Trust & Safety team for review. I’d check the site for malware, etc, any cause for it to be flagged.

@cloonan THX indicated in my reply cloudflarepartner.com Two subdomains. One is the management login of the website background, and the other( dns.cloudflarepartner.com ) is to set up a panel through the host API to make it easier for Chinese customers to manage the domain on cloudflare. We used the cloudflare partner network logo, but we marked our company’s own logo in the obvious position on the page to distinguish them as partners. Because the host API allows customers to manage the domain name on cloudflare, of course, the cloudflare account is required to complete. We have never charged or profited from it. And they didn’t take any information from users. We are just expanding services as an additional business for the company, as we are mainly selling cloudflare enterprise solutions. Access to cloudflare networks in China is not stable. We just did what we thought we should do. Is this wrong?

@cloonan Could you check for me that support ticket has been turned off? I have been waiting for no reply. The new support ticket shows that the problem has been solved. But everything is still bad, still unable to manage the account. The Host API is still invalid. This is all bad.