Ways to install a 5yr ssl cert

Advanced Certificate Manager, or Business level. Which should I use to get a 5 yr cert installed on my domain? I’m not wanting to spend a lot of money at all, but feel that customers may be affected by the letsencrypt change.

No CA will issue a cert longer than 13 months so there isn’t an option for a 5 year cert on any plan.


Ok, I see options for a 5 year certificate from name cheap, perhaps it’s just 5 x 1 year certs :slight_smile:


According to their documentation that’s exactly what it is.


My initial thought is still valid, which is to support users whose browsers will not accept the LetsEncrypt CA expiration. We run ecommerce, we want as many customers as possible.

Does the Advanced Certificate Manager at $10/mo allow me to install even a 1yr, non LetsEncrypt cert?

ACM will let you choose to use a Google Trust Services certificate instead of a LetsEncrypt one. It will still be 3-months validity but as it is an edge certificate it will be renewed automatically by Cloudflare.


Hi @dave87,

You will need a Business plan with the option to upload your own 1 year SSLs (Custom/Legacy).

Thank you.

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