Way too many redirects when opening linuxquestions.org


I’m tried to open a page on https(colon slash slash)www(dot)linuxquestions(dot)org, who seem to be behind Cloudflare. It was stuck in what seemed to be a refresh loop on the “checking your browser” page, refreshing every 1-2 seconds. It kept goting for some 5-10 minutes until it finally opened. I opened another page on the same domain in another browser tab, which finally terminated the loop.

I am using Firefox 105 with mostly recommended extensions.

Is this expected?

Hello there,

That’s an expected behavior of site that uses Cloudflare. It is enabled by default. However, it can be configured or disabled by the Site owner. You can read more about it here

The site being stuck in an infinite refresh loop is expected?

Well… I wouldn’t say that’s for long. However, it depends on the browser the client uses and in response the integrity is checked of the same. If there’s a infinite loop & recurring always, you can contact the website owner.

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