Way to check if all settings or OK

Hi, so i’ve got cloudflare setup. and i host at kinsta. my wordpress site.

For last few months i’ve got many page caching issues. With old files being shown. I Dont know a ton about this stuff and wondering if theres a way to check my cloudflare account overall to see if all settings are ok? or if anything is wrong?

For instance today i had to setup page rules to bypass cache for some of my themes css and js files. i was told by theme and kinsta that would help because old out date files were hitting the cache Cf-Cache-Status HIT. But however i had cloudflare paused so i dont understand how that happens. I added page rules and now it’s bypassing

But it made me wonder, how can i check everything?

Hi @toddbiala, there is no ‘all check’ button.

The confusion here is, Cloudflare is working as intended.
It is just not working as you intend it to work.

So different expectations to see how Cloudflare configurations are set up.
You will need to check this manually.

Thank you.

I guess i dont know what o really check tho. like how could i get back to standard settings?

Um @user9068 thank you, maybe?

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