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I have a domain registered with an ISP and hosted (Email & Web services) with another ISP. I have a requirement to enable DNSSec on the DNS for the domain but current ISP, where the domain is currently hosted does not provide DNSSec services.

I would like to know in detail set of tasks required to enable DNSSec for the domain using Business Plan. However, I want to know whether this would have an adverse effect on the email and web services, which are hosted with the current ISP.

Please provide the details to proceed further with the requirement.

Kindly let us know your feedback to proceed further
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Is your DNS already hosted with Cloudflare? If so, it’s just flicking on a toggle on your DNS tab and then giving the record you get generated to your registrar for them to tie it all together.

If you’re not already hosting DNS with Cloudflare you need to move that here first… but you don’t necessarily need to proxy traffic - you can start off with just plain old DNS hosting (set all records to ‘grey clouds’) and get the DNSSEC stuff, no worries.

Before you do any of that, check your domain registrar will do their part - not all of them do. If they won’t then that’s no problem either, just transfer your domain registration to Cloudflare too. It’ll be cheaper and help keep your DNS and registration together (should that be important to you).

EDIT To answer your question RE adverse effects - it should have no impact on your current email and web services, providing you copy across all the appropriate DNS records when you move your DNS hosting form your existing place to Cloudflare (if not here already).

Hi Saul,

Thanks for your prompt response. Kindly request you to answer the below comments, as I feel very uncomfortable specially with the DNS transfer, as I strongly
feel that it would affect the current web and email services as well adversely.


It will affect you if you do it incorrectly, sure. Same as anything. But it’s easy to do and you’re walked through it. Use a demo domain first if you’re unsure of your ability to follow the instructions. The steps for moving a domain to a free plan are the same as for a business plan so there’s no harm in trying a freebie first if you’re worried.

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