Waves and dates for Cloudflare Registrar onboarding

Hi there, is there some update on the expected dates for each wave?

I’m on Wave 3, which should be on November and my current registrar is shutting down December 14th, so, I have to get out before that – is there a chance that I’ll be able to make the cut by then or should I look somewhere else?


Which TLD?

It’s active on my account (Wave 2) and already started transferring domains. I think @SamRhea can help you better about registrar and waves :+1:

I have 1 .org and 4 .com domains to transfer.

Alright, both top-level domains will be supported once available for your wave.

nikoloz has a point that Sam Rhea might be the best contact for that question.

Hey Fabio! Definitely want to help before your registrar goes out of business. Send me an email at srhea at Cloudflare and we’ll get you set up.


Is there a place to keep track of the wave most recently accepted? I’m in 6 but would be happy to move up to test transferring on some of my lower value domains to help work out the kinks.

I’m also on wave 6 and have a domain expiring at the beginning of January that I was hoping to get moved over.

I believe Wave 5 goes live today. Wave 6 should be coming soon!

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@cs-cf Is there a new schedule for Wave 7? It was originally Mid November but now it’s half way through December and of course my domains are going to expire soon. Any guidance you can give would be appreciated!

Er… I think Wave 7 should be live? Can you log into your control panel and see if you have the option to transfer your domain(s)?

You are right! I guess I missed the proper link. Thank you!!!

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