Wave 5 of Cloudflare Registrar Unavailable

Ok I’m a little confused and would like some feedback from somebody because frankly I can’t seem to find anything similar to the problem I am experiencing anywhere here or on in the Help Center, at least not with my 3-5 minute search, mind you.

So my issue is that I signed up for Cloudflare Registrar maybe a week ago, and I was immediately issued to Wave 5. Well, getting back on today, I had to reapply for the registrar feature because nothing was ever applied to my account. So I did. And once again, I got the email confirming my sign up and I was once again set for Wave 5 (“Estimate: December”). Well, here we are, a friend of mine who also uses Cloudflare was in Wave 7 and has got the registrar already. Not to mention, it keeps prompting me to “claim my place” whenever I go back to the dashboard in Cloudflare. So yeah, I don’t know what is going on. I wasn’t going to immediately switch to Cloudflare Registrar anyway, but to have the feature for later when I do decide to would be nice. Picture was attached as proof. I have another one, but since I’m a “new user” to CF Community, I can’t upload it in this post.

Maybe @cloonan or @SamRhea can help here. Nothing specific that the community can do.

Ok, I will try to get in touch with them if possible. Kind of sucks that of all the people who use Cloudflare, it seems to break for me! I find that kind of funny actually. Thanks for the reply, man.
Edit: Not sure how to DM on here…

DMs aren’t generally available to non-CF staff. Since they were mentioned they’ll see this thread next time they come online.

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oh ok, thanks for letting me know

The “claim my place” for me stayed in place under Home tab even after confirmation of my place in queue. I was Wave 1 and have moved all domains with no issues. Not sure why system never saw that Place had been claimed.

If you were skipped during your Wave cycle - I’d assume something glitched somewhere. If that is case - those mentioned above will be able to fix that for you.

Hi @Ty_Q - you should definitely have the feature in your dashboard now. If you log in to your account, in the first screen - the one where you select a zone, you’ll see a new tab called “Domain Registration”. Let me know if you don’t.

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I just checked and then I compared it with my friend’s dashboard, and yes, I am still indeed missing it.!

It is also still showing the “claim your place in line” button when I go to “Home”
Edit: I boxed the API tab just to reference what I was looking at.

Hi Ty - could you go up one level to Home? You’ll see “Domain Registration” next to “Configuration” - if not, let me know what email address you use and I’ll make sure it’s enabled

Not going to bother sending an image right this minute. Just take my word for it:
In Home: It shows the tabs “Home”, “Members”, “Audit Log”, “Billing”, and “Configurations”. Other than the listed site, it shows “Claim your place in line” (which I have clicked on multiple times already).

In the Configurations tab, it has two categories: Custom Pages and Preferences. It does not say anything even closely related to Domain Registration. Is there any way I could PM you the email? I really don’t want to just give it out to the public.

Sure thing - send me a note at srhea at Cloudflare dot com