Wating for Cloudflare response


I wish to express my disappointment with Cloudflare. For over a month, one of the websites under my responsibility has been flagged as insecure, displaying a phishing message whenever accessed. Despite receiving an initial notification about the presence of malicious code on the site, subsequent efforts to rectify the issue and seek resolution through a support ticket have been met with silence. Regrettably, this lack of responsiveness is untenable and fails to meet professional standards. Moreover, while Cloudflare promptly blocks the website with a phishing message, they have failed to respond to our ticket in a timely manner. As much as I value Cloudflare’s platform and services, I am compelled to explore alternative hosting options for all my websites. This decision is necessitated by the unacceptable delay in addressing a critical security concern, particularly for a site covered by a Pro plan. While I understand that immediate responses may not always be feasible, waiting 40 days without any resolution is simply too long.

Hi @dev-ad once a ticket is escalated to Trust & Safety, they need to reply.

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