Watermark aspect ratio not consistent


I’m using the watermark feature for my uploaded videos (all watermark settings default, just uploaded a png file) and on normal 1920x1080 videos it works great

But when I upload a video in 4:3 it looks distorted

I can’t find any settings that could change the way it’s displayed.

Is this known or are there workarounds?

It looks like you’re allowed several watermark profiles. My only suggestion would be to upload another watermark that’s proportionally wider.

Can you DM me your account ID or video id? I’d be happy to take a look.

The problem is, I’m getting the meta data of the videos only from cloudflare so I can’t know what a user uploads (in terms of format, size, duration, etc) until cloudflare tells me

can’t find the DM feature on this site but since the videos all need signed URLs I can post them here.

Working video: 9718467272b72893ecc1718bb466cb68

Squished video: 0b383c2f472e63f714b0cde67026fb55

Thanks for taking a look