Washed-out colors in HLS url from HDR video

I use cloudflare stream for a social media application in react native. Recently, I reworked my upload flow (removed some compression) and since then I’ve noticed that the colors in videos from my iOS users are “washed out”. The issue is only happening with HDR videos, and I read in stream FAQ that “When HDR videos are uploaded to Stream, they are re-encoded and delivered in SDR format, to ensure compatibility with the widest range of viewing devices.”

Here are some printscreens to see the difference. The one to the left has the correct colors (it’s the embedded stream player from cloudflare stream dashboard for this video). The one to the right is when I visit the HLS manifest url in safari (and this is how it looks in my application).

Is this intended behaviour for the HDR → SDR encoding, or is it anything I can do about it through some setting or similar? I would really appreciate some guidance!