Wasabi bucket behind Cloudflare CDN issue with listing files

I recently configured a wasabi bucket accelerated by the Cloudflare CDN, the bucket name is the record name (as written in the wasabi guide).
The interesting thing that is happening is that I can copy and paste objects to and from the bucket but when I use the list command in aws cli v2 it abruptly fails, example:

aws s3 ls --bucket <bucket_name> --endpoint-url https://bucket.domain.my
Output: “An error occurred (NoSuchKey) when calling the ListObjects operation: The specified key does not exist.”

And if I run :
aws s3 ls --endpoint-url https://bucket.domain.my
Output: ‘Buckets’

It’s my understanding that the Cloudflare CDN is optimized for specific tasks so my question is,
Is this a bug or is this how its supposed to work? because my application that uses the list command to check for files is failing because of this. Can this be due to CNAME flattening ? if yes then how can I disable it for a specific subdomain or the entire domain for testing purposes.

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