Was my domain just stolen from me?

I got an email today from cloudflare saying my domain had been cancelled with no other information. I went into the audit log and all I can see about why this happened is a log named Delete with the user IP as with the resource zone. I then checked on who.is and the domain is now under godaddys nameservers? I called godaddy and they said they couldn’t tell me why that was and to contact cloudflare. What has happened? Why is my domain that I registered a few weeks ago no longer under my name? Are all my domain names that I registered on cloudflare up for potential deletion without any warning/approval from my side because if that’s the case I don’t see why anyone would feel safe registering a domain name on this platform. Hopefully this can be resolved asap otherwise I’m moving all my domains over to somewhere else.

Your best bet is to open a registrar ticket with support here: https://dash.cloudflare.com/?to=/:account/support Community will not be able to help with this issue.

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I’ve never seen an email from Cloudflare which says that. What specifically does the email say?

Any domain registered on Cloudflare is subject to a 90 day hold. So after a few weeks what you describe does not appear to be possible. What is the domain?

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