Was my IOS faster Internet hacked?

Hey guys!
I bought the application faster Internet last week, and I have a paid account.
I’m not a security expert at all, so maybe I’m just seeing things, but it looks to me as if my app is behaving strangely:
1- the public IP address the app shows me is different from the one I checked with an app and on the web
2- I only have two protocol options (WARP+HTTPSwhen connecting on the WARP option. TLS is missing.
3- The 1111 app has a a very long list of excluded websites via split tuel. I didn’t put them there and it is impossible to remove. when I try to it just they like. grow back.
4- same thing for DNS fallbacks
5- the app offers me the option to login to zero trust service. to do so I need to provide them with my team’s name. The thing is : I do not have a team. To make things more confusing still, the app has a button that says “managed devices” the thing is I do not any manage any device. Am I be managed?

What do I do?

Public IP is dynamic
WARP protocol is encrypted can exclude high bandwidth consumption sites and apps
Zero trust service is for businesses that use Zero Trust services and need a more advance solution

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