Was given Cloudflare's updated nameservers and then site was down

Hello, I’m new here and it’s my first post.

I have just got my new Cloudflare up and running a couple of days ago. However, the e-mail was sent to the guy today, whom I invited him to new Cloudflare account but oddly, the same e-mail was not sent to me as I was the one that set up the whole thing. Following the instruction on the e-mail that was forwarded to me from him. .

Update your current nameserver records with the ones we have assigned to:

  1. aisha.ns.cloudflare.com
  2. fattouche.ns.cloudflare.com

Then over an hour later, the website was down with Error 1000 and that DNS was pointed to prohibited IPs.

So I changed these namesevers back to the ones which Cloudflare supplied me with when I first signed up.

Are these nameservers part of Cloudflare and genuine?


Those are actual Cloudflare name servers. What’s the domain?

The domain is www.irishdeaf.com. Here is a screenshoot of Error 1000:

This had me worried because as a Super Administrator, I wasn’t sent a ‘change of nameservers’ e-mail, unlike the guy who was assigned with Administrator so I thought it could be a fake e-mail but if these are actual Cloudflare servers, it still doesn’t explain why I wasn’t getting any e-mail to change the nameservers as I’m a webmaster, the guy I assigned is the owner of the website.

Hi @irishdeaf, that error usually happens if you have a dns record that is pointing to a cloudflare IP address versus your origin IP. I visited the site & it looks good to me, perhaps the error is cached locally on your machine, try clearing cache, incognito window or different browser. (If still an error, but I don’t think it will be, check the IP address in your A records on the DNS app of the cloudflare dash to ensure they point to your origin IP address.)

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Hmm, when the site was down. I logged in to Cloudflare account that was saying the website is down with the notice showing that I need configure website’s nameservers to the same ones from when I first set up, so clearly my machine was ok.

The website came back fine when you visited, after all I changed back to the original Cloudflare nameservers. Is there a reason for changing to different nameservers?

Maybe I could do this the next time, at night time when it’s quiet.

Hi @irishdeaf,

Generally, the only reason to change which Cloudflare nameservers you are using is if you want to move the domain from one Cloudflare account to another.

I suspect what may have happened is the other Admin added the domain to their Cloudflare account, and the change of nameservers was to move it to them. What you can do is share access with them using the guide below. Just note that this will share every domain in your account.


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