WARP/ZT Windows 2023.03.381.0 Client

Upgraded to WARP Windows 2023.03.381.0 client with Zero Trust and found that I could no longer access at least one of my servers (haven’t tried them all)… Interrogated the routing table on the endpoint and discovered there was a missing route to the server. I could create a persistent route in the routing table, but I shouldn’t have to do that. Not sure if this is a bug in the latest release of the WARP client or if there anything I can do force the client to capture all routes. Any suggestions?


Hi there,

Another user has also reported a similar issue:

Would you be able to open a Support Ticket for me to escalate to the the ZT Team?

Kindly attach a warp diag file for us to investigate as well.

Thank you.

I opened ticket 2755346 prior to posting. Still no response from support.

Issues here too, I’ve rolled back users to December version and problems have gone away. Connection to servers intermittent, websites say blocked and then come up a moment later and to top it all Microsoft MFA not working as response from mobile device is not acknowledged in desktop browser.
In a word: broken.

The problem remains, from my testing the Version 2023.3.412.0 does not fix this.

Hi there @YellowMonster ,

User @ericj1 escalated the trouble via a ticket and it has been resolved.

Your trouble may be a completely different issue.
Would you be able to help me open a Support Ticket?

Please attach warp-diag logs from the 2022 working release, the 2023 381 and 412 release as well.
There is another user with similar issues we are looking at internally. Your logs could definitely help us to identify the trouble with a larger sample to troubleshoot from.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thanks @ericj1 I’ve created ticket 2772493 with both logs attached as requested.