WARP wrong data center

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The app connects me to the wrong data center which gives me higher ping. I used to get connected to MRS now I only get connected to MXP. I subscribed to WARP Unlimited but it didn’t help.
I am unsure why the subscription didn’t help with the routing but I would like a refund since it’s not working as advertised; I don’t know who I should contact though.

An explainer for why you are routed to a different datacenter:

As for contacting Warp support, you can do that here:

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Can you explain more about “peering with ISPs”?

ISPs are Internet Service Providers (such as AT&T, Bell Canada, Vodafone, etc).

Peering is when ISPs “connect” their networks together to reduce costs and improve services.

For example, if I request google.com from my web browser (yes Google is an ISP, but not the kind we normally think of):

  • my browser sends a request from my ISP (Bell Canada) to Google
  • because they are not peered (connected), it must travel through another ISP that is peered with Google
  • ISPs pay for bandwidth and so this is more expensive for them and slower for me

The reason WARP is now sending you to a different Cloudflare colo is likely because peering has changed. We can’t really tell where (it’s hard to see peering without being told who peers with who).

But it means that somewhere, a router has “changed it’s mind” about where to send traffic to best route from your ISP to Cloudflare, causing your connection to be routed to a different datacenter.

As consumers we can’t do anything about this either than:

  • getting a new ISP (not usually a good option!)
  • contacting your ISP (usually they don’t care about a single user)
  • using another service to proxy your traffic (such as a traditional VPN)

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