Warp without modifying /etc/resolve.conf

I’m trying to get Warp working on Debian Unstable. I’m using systemd-resolved to configure split DNS between and a corporate DNS server. In order to keep that setup, I need to prevent warp-cli from modifying /etc/resolve.conf. I tried warp-cli set-mode warp, so it won’t try to configure DNS, however it didn’t help and warp still tries to overriede /etc/resolve.conf.

Trying to forcefully prevent warp from modifying the file by chattr +i /etc/resolve.conf resutls in warp failing to connect, and daemon.log has

ERROR main_loop: warp::warp::dns_recovery::unix: Error setting DNS servers Os { code: 1, kind: PermissionDenied, message: "Operation not permitted" }

How can I prevent warp-cli from modifying /etc/resolve.conf?

You can’t. You can however configure local domain fallback for Teams clients.