WARP with self-signed certs on origin (or at least less-strict validation)

Just been having a play with WARP - very nice from what I’ve seen so far and something that may replace ngrok for quick and dirty access to internal services.

One thing that would be a nice addition would be the ability to specify a flag which enables the use of a self-signed cert on the internal service that you wish to expose. Presently we get an em:

“x509: certificate signed by unknown authority”

I can fully understand that but it would be nice to override if necessary.

Hi @saul - just now seeing this after the holiday backlog. Have you already checked out the Warp beta discussion that is taking place in the Feedback category?

Hey Ryan, I hadn’t (although I did look for a thread) but I’ll check it out now. Thanks for the heads up.

The Feedback section is not surfaced on the homepage but you can find it in the category menus. We don’t want people to flood it with general feedback, as it’s intended more for betas, previews, and other specific feedback gathering. They should take good care of you over there :slight_smile:

I found it OK, used the search to find the thread. My issue has been raised back in September so looks like your devs should be aware of it.

I hope it’s resolved as it makes the product very useful as opposed to kind-of-useful-sometimes-given-the-right-circumstances.

I’ll keep an eye on the thread so thanks for that heads up.

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