WARP (Windows app) incompatible w/ multi-GPU switching

Using a Win11 PC with multiple graphics cards (in my case, a Lenovo laptop with Integrated Graphics + an Nvidia RTX GPU for gaming).

Launching a game (such as Battlefield 2042) switches to the NVIDIA GPU. However, WARP prevents it.

NVIDIA’s recommendation is “Some programs do not support changing the graphics mode while the application is running. If such a program is running a 3D process, you will not be able to change SLI settings unless you first close the “blocking” program.”

Indeed, Exiting WARP, the game runs normally.

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Additional screenshot, since I wasn’t allowed to post more than 1 in my original post:
Screenshot 2022-12-16 033009

Still seems to be incompatible with Advanced Optimus (Nvidia) as of 08/2023…

I found a workaround to this, the problem is that WARP uses DirectX 9, and this prevents the automatic switch. To solve this I downloaded DXVK from GitHub and extracted the d3d9.dll to the app’s folder.
Now the WARP is using Vulkan instead of DirectX 9 and the Automatic Switch is working fine.